I appreciate that Briner offered to meet me at work.  I am glad that we were able to go through the listings on her laptop before driving around and wasting our time.

Sue called the listing agent and found out that there was an offer coming in and one already on the table.  I really wanted the property so I knew my offer had to be my highest and best and it had to be made NOW!  We wrote the offer and I signed it right on the spot.  The other agent received it in minutes.  She was really impressed with out quick response.  I had the winning offer!

When Karla brought the builder Kevin to my lot, I knew he would have a better understanding of what it was that I wanted. Kevin and I sat here several times developing plans and discussing the orientation of my new home.

With the dogs, my youngest daughter and the newest addition to my family, it really makes sense to do business with an agent who is willing to work with me in a relaxed and playful environment.

The Robie House was vacant and had been on the market for some time with another agent.  I was impressed when Jerry set up a little office inside the Robie House, put out an Open House sign and sold our property.